A virtual walk through the city on the meadow

The Decin Regional Museum has edded a new interactive element to its permanent exhibits. "Visitors are already familiar with our City on the Meadow exhibit. So we decided to enhance it and make it more accessible for the younger generation through a channel they're familiar with," explains museum director Vlastimil Pazourek. "Anyonoe can now take a pleasant walk and at the same time learn about the city that stood here in the 14th century but was ultimately abandoned because of frequent flooding, among other things. This app takes visitors around the very spot where the Church of the Virgin Mary once stood, which give the meadow its name, and where the town walls were or where the smithy stood," he adds.

Taking a walk through medieval Decin is possible with the smartphone app Loxper, which is downloadable from the Appstore (for iOS) and Google Play (for Android phones), for more information see www.loxper.com/stredoveky-decin.

The museum has created a similar virtual tour for nearby Benesov nad Ploucnici. That itinerary lets visitors walk in the steps of the Saxon Renaisssance. As part of that project, the museum also published a printed guide to the Church of the Birth of the Virgin Mary in Benesov, which is available for free at the Benesov nad Ploucnici visitor center.

"We hope that similar activities will raise awareness among visitors and locals alike of the history of this region," added Pazourek.

Both virtual tours and the creation of the printed booklet were financed under the cross-border Bohemian-Saxon Cultural Overlaps project EL-0828-CZ-31.05.2021 under the Euroregion Elbe Labe small projects fund.