Elbe Water Traffic


Decin museum main building

What sort of boats traveled the river and what were they carrying? This interactive exhibit answers all your questions.

More than 30 model ships present the evolution of the watercraft that plied the Elbe in the Development of Elbe water traffic exhibit. Visitors can explore how waterways have been used throughout Bohemia’s history in an installation that has no equal in the Czech Republic.

The exhibit looks at how river traffic evolved and expanded over the centuries, how rivers were made navigable, and what impact this had on the natural surroundings. Illustrations and photographs are supplemented with models from museum and private collections and explanatory text. The museum has one of the largest libraries on the topic as well as a large watercraft photo archive.

The history of the waterways is presented from the earliest times to the present day. An inseparable part of the exposition is a historical diving suit dating from the early twentieth century.