A Walk Through Old Decin


Decin museum main building

Travel back in time to see the city as it looked in earlier days and visit places that history has erased from the map forever – backstreets, bastions, and gates.

Tucked into a passageway in the main building, the Walk through old Decin exhibit explores the places that history has erased from the map forever. Visit lost backstreets, bastions, and gates, see the old Thun-Hohenstein Loreto that once occupied the center of Decin’s main square, admire the daring of the early cyclists who navigated the roads on penny farthings, and gauge the aim of Decin’s sharpshooters indelibly marked on historical targets. The exhibit unfolds under the watchful eyes of Baroque statues that stand guard over the painted chests and army footlockers with all their precious contents.